About Us

The concept of the square doodle mug started over a cup of coffee in 2022 as a way to bring concept, design, and fun together.

Arnold & Warren (who have known each other for over 50 years) decided to combine their interests to come up with a concept that did not exist before.

Warren has been producing Doodle Art since June of 2009 and published a daily blog www.thedoodledaily.com along with a book of his art called "i doodle".

 Arnold has been carving wood and sublimating for about the same time.  It was only after they sat down over that cup of coffee that the concept of putting the doodle art onto square mugs and turning them into art that the square doodle mug puzzle was born.

It's Art, it's Fun, its Practical and a conversation piece.


Warren does all the design work. He has been drawing for over 15 years.  Many of his design are captured on the blog "The Doodle Daily"

   Working on New Designs         









And Arnold pulls it all together in the warehouse.

Each mug is hand printed so that everyone is unique in some way.