The Doodleware 9 Square Mug Puzzle

Doodleware Coffee Mugs

The Doodleware Square Mug

Doodleware is the home of the Doodle Designed Sqaure Mug and the... 

The Original Square 9 Mug Puzzle

Nine unique mugs that when placed in the right order form a... 

  • 9 Square Mug Puzzle

    Our signature product is our Square Mug Doodle Puzzle that includes 9 mugs that when placed in the frame form a unique piece of Doodle Art.

    Each mug has a piece of the puzzle on all 3 sides.

    Makes a great conversation piece too.

    Square Mug Doodle Puzzle 
  • Doodleware round mugs

    See our collection of Round Doodleware mugs. Each mug has the image on both sides and perfectly complements our square mugs

    Doodleware Round Mugs 
  • Original Doodleware Square Mug

    Maybe you just want to pick one or more single square mugs.

    Each mug is part of a puzzle... The fun is not knowing which part of a puzzle you will receive.

    Collect them all.

    Original Square Mug 
  • Doodleware Ceramic Coasters

    Pick up a few of our matching ceramic square coasters that perfectly complement our square and round mugs. Purchase all the same or mix and match from the collection.

    Ceramic Coasters 
  • Boards of the World

    Our handmade cutting/serving boards are made with Maple & Walnut wood and have "Bon Appetit" carved in any language you prefer. (We also offer customization for a small upcharge)

    Boards of the World 
  • Xmas Tree Ornaments

    Just in time for the holidays.

    We have round ceramic doodle art tree ornaments.

    You can also request any of our doodle designs on you Christmas Tree ornaments.

    Tree Ornaments 
  • Ceramic Coasters

    See our collection of white ceramic coasters. Sold individually or in sets of 4 or six. Mix and match with your choice of mugs

    Our full coaster collection 
  • Solid Maple & Walnut Boards

    Our solid maple and walnut cutting/serving baords are availble with "Bon Apetit" in amy language you prefer See our selection.

    Boards of the World 
  • Holiday Cheer

    We have cups and coasters for the holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas & Hanukkah (with more to be added very soon